BASE is a boutique design-build company with primary focus on architecturally distinct modern real estate development projects. The firm offers design and construction management services including:

  • Conceptual Design-Development
  • Project Administration
  • Entitlements and Permitting
  • Construction Management
  • Interior Design
  • Construction Drawings
  • Owner Representation
  • Project Analysis / Feasibility / Due Diligence
  • Furniture and Accessories Design

BASE was created to provide clients with an all-encompassing design-build service and a streamlined, efficient and transparent customer experience.

The company’s founder, Stefan Vogel grew up in Germany as a 3rd generation wood craftsman and developed a passion for real estate and design at an early age. His background in “old-world” quality craftsmanship has inspired a deep appreciation for detail and perfection.

After coming to the US, Mr. Vogel worked on several real estate ventures in various capacities. Mr. Vogel recognized the need for a service that offers a methodical and comprehensive development approach with both, strong focus and dedication to design as well as clear understanding of purpose and functionality.

We strive to be at the intersection between creativity and functionality and begin each process with the end in mind. The ability to orchestrate the entire project with it various stages allows us to bridge gaps that often exists between the creative and construction process.

The difference between avoiding or solving a problem is timing. Many obstacles can be addressed during the planning phase. When issues arise in the field, a direct and fast response is essential to overcoming situations promptly and to keep the project running smoothly. A streamlined process improves productivity and ultimately benefits the project and client.

– Stefan Vogel


The dictionary describes “design-build” as “a delivery system or process whereby a single party is responsible for the costing, designing, planning, and building of a structure or project.”

We are keen on simplicity and believe that a project is best executed when all of its elements can be reduced to its purest form. Our development-oriented design approach focuses on three essential elements that provide the creative framework for a project but also build the foundation for a methodical construction process.


The process of designing a home starts with creating a space. Identifying the right proportion, location, orientation and layout are the basic ingredients that determine how a home interacts with its surroundings and within. Capturing views or the placement of a patio or pool is as important as choosing a proportionate ceiling hight for a room or creating an impressive entrance. All spaces of a home both indoors and outdoors interact with each other. The ultimate goal is to create spaces that enrich peoples lives and provide a comfortable, functional and harmonic place to call their home.

Purpose / Function

Purpose and functionality are one of the main pillars of good design. With a clear understanding of the client and the desired lifestyle, a home, its layout and every single room can be properly tailored to the needs and wants of the individual. This criteria is often missed but has become increasingly important in recent year as lifestyle-choices have changed. We believe that every space in a home should have a function or purpose.


Good design should compliment space and functionality. Modern design allows for a wide spectrum of forms, materials and colors. We believe that less is often more. A singular focal point can capture more attention than a busy lineup of multiple features all blending together. Clean and simple lines communicate a clear message. We integrate extensive glazing systems to blend indoor spaces with the outdoors and allow for ample natural light. Organic materials create a warm ambiance. Rather than overtaking, materials and colors accompany space and function.

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